All volunteer charity where 100% of all donations goes towards helping needy and homeless children, families and their pets.

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The mission of Toys of Hope is to provide toys, books, clothing, activities and other items to needy and homeless children and their families. The guiding principal behind the Toys of Hope mission is that all children, regardless of financial status, race, religion or nationality, are deserving of those things which can help give them a happier and more fulfilling life. A now toy can mean everything to a needy or homeless child. It provides fun and enjoyment and gives a child a sense of pride in having something of their very own.


Toys of Hope also provides essential items to needy families so that they can become more self sufficient and in turn help to improve their children's lives.

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Toys of Hope operates all year round and relies solely on volunteers to accomplish its mission.There are no paid employees and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all funds contributed goes towards helping needy and homeless children and their families.

Who We Are


Established in 1994, Toys of Hope was founded by a young woman, Melissa Doktofsky, who realized that many children grow up under difficult circumstances. Some are homeless and are forced to live for periods of time in shelters. Others are recent immigrants living in overcrowded apartments. Many live in single parent households where a new toy is a luxury. Melissa thought how wonderful it would be if all of these children could have a new toy to play with - something that would give them enjoyment, help them through difficult times and show them that there were people in the community who truly cared for them.

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At first, Melissa purchased toys with her own money and delivered them to shelters, community centers and needy homes. She contacted clergy members and arranged to deliver toys and clothing anonymously to the doorsteps of families in need. Over time, scores of local community groups have come to rely on Toys of Hope for help in supplying needy children with toys and other items. From these beginnings, Toys of Hope has grown through the generous support of dozens of individuals and local businesses. The organization relies solely on the efforts of caring volunteers to accomplish its mission of helping children in need.


Toys of Hope does not have any paid employees or professional fund raisers. It does not maintain or pay for an office. Storage space for the toys it collects has been graciously provided by a local building management company. One hundred percent of all money donated goes towards helping children and needy families.

Helping the Needy Year Round Toys of Hope operates all year round and is involved in many programs in addition to distributing toys. Of course, at Christmas time we are busy delivering thousands of toys to needy children, but we don't stop there. Toys of Hope supplies toys, as well as clothing, books, school supplies and other necessities to underprivileged children and their families all year long. Toys of Hope also sponsors kids to attend summer camp.

Getting Kids Involved

Toys of Hope believes that teaching kids to help others is one of its most important functions Every year, girl scouts, boy scouts, cub scouts, and students from elementary school through college, pitch in to help collect and distribute toys, or to help out at our charity events. By doing so, they are made aware of the plight of the needy and learn the joys of giving and the value of community service.


Toys of Hope is a not for profit corporation registered with the State of New York and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.