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Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

Noah Helburn, a junior and honors student at Huntington High School on Long Island, NY, provides a tutoring service in which he tutors third through eighth graders in science, math and social studies. 

Noah tutors in exchange for a suggested donation of $20 per hour of tutoring, directly benefitting our Toys of Hope, Tutoring Program. 100% of all donations always goes directly toward helping needy and homeless families, children and their pets.

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Noah, a recent transplant to Huntington from Westchester, NY, created this program as a way to connect with and support his new community.  Going well above and beyond the Huntington High School community service requirement, Noah intends to tutor for the entirety of his junior year.

Noah says, “I recently moved to Huntington from Northern Westchester.  I wanted to become part of the community for my last two years of high school and what better way to do this than to help children, families, and pets in need.  Toys of Hope is a great charity where every dollar raised goes directly to benefit the people it serves.  I wanted to put my heart into something that will help others, and help me set down roots in my new home.  I’ve been very lucky growing up in a supportive home and I wanted to help those who have not been as fortunate.”

Noah is currently accepting students to tutor through this program. 

Children in third through eighth grade can benefit from Noah’s tutoring and in turn have their donation help some of the thousands of people Toys of Hope serves.

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More about Noah:   Hi, my name is Noah Helburn, I’m 16 years old and I am a Junior honors student in Huntington High School. I recently moved here from the school district Katonah-Lewisboro from the town of South Salem. I moved here to Huntington with open arms to make a difference in the community by helping children get a boost in education while also helping kids in need who need blankets, clothing and toys. I am extremely dedicated to this program that I will be starting and I hope many of you will be encouraged to try it! In my spare time, I love to play tennis, it is one of my favorite hobbies and I have been playing for many years. I will soon be trying out for the varsity team in the high school as well. I hope that everyone will consider contacting me or the charity for more information on this program and I hope to see everyone there!