Children For Change

Children for Change was inspired by a close friend’s two children. They had been volunteering with their mom since they were four. Within a few years the children began to engage me in conversations of how they felt we could raise money. They would volunteer all year long at events and then her son had became a public speaker for the charity, speaking to groups of all ages in public and even on the radio. Inspired by these children, we created Children for Change. This program has become popular in school districts and youth oriented groups.

“I went to the Toys of Hope Oheka Castle Event with my mom when I was in kindergarten. She told me we were going to help children that were not as fortunate as we were. I never realized how Toys of Hope would change MY life and that of my brother. We knew we wanted to help but what could two kids do? In this economy, it's hard to ask people for a lot of money."

  • How could we make a difference?
  • How could we make a change?

Children for change! If a kids give even the change in their pockets after lunch, or the little bit in their piggy banks, the possibilities are endless. If a lot of people do just a little bit, well, that could add up.

SCHOOLS, CAMPS, SYNAGOGUES, CHURCHES, wherever children are, that's a place where they can help other children. The best part is that whoever gets involved learns how lucky they are to be on the giving end of things. Children are excited to be helping and their parents are glad their kids are learning how to give back to others. This program has raised a lot of money and has directly helped the children who need it the most. Come and join us. Kids CAN make a difference!


Chrissy, age 9, has been successfully running this program for 2010 and 2011. Working with 13 school districts across Long Island she has raised $7,876.00 to date. Teachers and students are needed to continue children like Chrissy.

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