Tzedakah Program

When Melissa Doktofsky created the American Giving Project / Toys of Hope charity, her focus was to continue in a tradition her parents taught her of helping the less fortunate. As a young child, she looked forward to getting her allowance to put in the little blue “pushka” tzedakah box in her home.

The early focus of the charity was to give anonymously to minimize the embarrassment to the recipient family. Melissa felt it would be nice for the children to think that their parent or guardian provided for them. Her favorite delivery is still the “anonymous drop” at people’s doorsteps. Melissa still feels that it is not important for the families to know where the donations come from, but just that it is meant to help them to improve their lives and the lives of their children. This philosophy is still a major concept of our charity.

However, with all the news articles, television coverage of the charity and celebrity involvement, American Giving Project / Toys of Hope has become one of New York’s favorite charities. For over 14 years, American Giving Project / Toys of Hope remains an all volunteer charity and still uses 100% of all donations to help needy children, their families and their pets. The Toys of Hope team feels very honored to have received numerous awards from the Board of Education, local government, the state of NY, the prestigious Martin Luther King Award, the mayor’s of Philadelphia and New Orleans for support to victims of the Hurricane Katrina and especially an award from the Governor of New York.

This program focuses on providing items to needy and homeless children and their families that can help them to become more self sufficient.

  • American Giving Project / Toys of Hope tzedakah boxes are provided for your home so that children can deposit coins from their allowance or from fundraising efforts with their friends. Many parents match their children’s donations.
  • American Giving Project / Toys of Hope hosts tzedakah box workshops for the whole family—make your own box at our charity warehouse with your children and others.
  • We have ongoing mitzvah projects throughout the year. Bar and bat mitzvah students are invited to make a difference to the local, homeless population.
  • Whole family projects are also encouraged.

A donation of $18 buys one person–shampoo, soap, hygiene items, a toothbrush for one month. We buy the brands they like at a major discount. $36 for two people, etc.

I will donate $___________ to American Giving Project / Toys of Hope for supplies for ______many children.

I would like to donate $__________in addition, for new clothing for parents to go to job interviews, children to wear to school etc.

There are many reasons to make a donation.

You may wish to honor a loved one for a special event, donate in someone’s memory, show your appreciation or thank someone.

Toy of Hope will send an acknowledgement with our custom made beautiful tzedakah program cards to you and the person or place you wish to honor or memorialize.

To get involved today contact us.