All volunteer charity where 100% of all donations goes towards helping needy and homeless children, families and their pets.

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The mission of Toys of Hope is to provide toys, books, clothing and other items to needy and homeless children and their families. The guiding principal behind our mission is that all children, regardless of financial status, race, religion or nationality, are deserving of those things which can help give them a happier and more fulfilling life. A now toy can mean everything to a needy or homeless child. It provides fun and enjoyment and gives a child a sense of pride in having something of their very own.

"PLEASE HELP financial donations are down due to all the relief efforts, please help our homeless families get through the cold winter... Financial donations needed to survive"

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TOYS OF HOPE and OHEKA CASTLE ( join together for the 25th Annual Toys Of Hope Children's event.

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TOYSOFHOPE TWITTER.COM/TOYSOFHOPE. Thx 4 all the support in 2012 from our volunteers, donors and supporters.

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