Chance To Dance

The Chance 2 Dance Program inspired by our board member Jordy Castillo. The mission is to reach out and teach children the art of dance. Our focus is to serve those who can not afford lessons at a dance studio. Children who simply want the Chance 2 Dance. Jordy felt after being a member of American Giving Project / Toys of Hope for so many years, that he should use his talent and share it with everyone. This has created an outlet where kids can express who they are in a positive and up lifting matter using the art of dance. Children are able to get one on one lessons. They learn how to dance and get a better understanding of how to keep their bodies healthy and fit. With dance being a major craze around the world we want kids to join the fun and be active. We want to take what we know and give that knowledge to our youth. So what are you waiting for?

Now Is Your Chance 2 Dance!

Jordy Castillo is a 19 year old dancer from Greenlawn, New York. He has been dancing for 15 years and has been dancing competitively over a decade. Some accomplishments that Jordy has achieved are Sr. Title winner at Beyond The Stars Dance Competition, many Choreographer awards, and multiple High Score Awards.

Jordy has had the opportunity to work with big names in the business such as Bill Bell, Emily Shock, and William Wingfield. Jordy attended the Dance Teacher Summit in NYC where he networked and learned additional techniques used by all the successful teachers worldwide. He uses what he learned while teaching an all boys class at one of his current studios, Kings Park Dance Center. As a student in college, Jordy is excited to continue his dance studies and plans on doing bigger and better things with what he has learned. Jordy is proud to run the Chance 2 Dance Program and continue supporting all the programs of the American Giving Project / Toys of Hope Children’s Charity.